Health & Nutition

I have decided

to become a nutritionist for soooooo many reasons.

  • I’m gettin’ old
  • I feel my body disintagrating
  • yoga changed my perspective
  • I want to understand what my body needs
  • I want to help my loved ones
  • yada yada



When you suddendly understand ( I mean understand-understand… not in one ear out the next..) that you ‘ARE’ what you eat your decisions start changing.

That doesnt mean that I have completely banned bad foods from my list, but I have found a balance….

I feel so much better… hoping to write a book about it, so stay tuned 🙂

HEAlTH is the greatest wealth

no worries...

I have bad eating habits too…

  • Fast-Food & Junk food
  • regular cheese overload 
  • Irregular Intake times
  • trying vegan now and again
  • trying to cut caffeine and alcohol
  • etc.

Lots of one-sidedness, every day is different… but I’m getting there with my little helpers…