My life used to be ruled by the cooperate world. Always taking up more than I could carry, constantly busy and booked out.

As a former cancer patient (2001) I was eager to fill my life as much as possible, sadly with the wrong things.

My days flew by with no meaning.




    2016 My life changed

    I started yoga by accident.

    Recovering from my 2nd Chemo & suffering from a bad posture after a tummy operation. I made it a habit to slouch forward, protecting my belly stitches… in hysteric fear my wounds would burst open and I would bleed to death… Quentin Tarantino style!

    After a month I had morphed into the Hunchback of Notre Dame. In constant pain, my back, my hips & my head were pounding. The human head ways over 10% of your total body weight, if its not stacked on your shoulders and your shoulders are not stacked on your hips, its an unnecessary strain for the whole body.

    Finally I decided I had enough. Instinctively I tried to lean the upper part of my body back and stretch my way back to „normal“. I got on my knees, grabbed my ankles and gently pressed my pelvis forward, trying to teach my body to bend the other way again. It was very uncomfortable but the anger toward my bad posture was way stronger… Despite the discomfort I held the position and even started to cry, for seemingly no reason. It was like breaking loose of self-restricting shackles. Convinced I had tortured myself enough.. I quit and sat on the couch. And THIS was the game-changing part… the feeling that I witnessed directly after… pure bliss, a warm tingling all over my whole body (comparable to an orgasm, but different). After it started fading away I immediately rushed back onto the floor and did it again. I was hooked.

    After a short googling session I found out it was yoga. The Camel Pose. The interest was immense and I’ve never let go ever since.

    One year later, following my heart & curiosity 2017 I decided to travel to India and become a teacher.


    It soon became very clear to me that it’s not only about the physical practice, its much more about the internal mindset and structures. 

    Let me help you get unstuck.







    My QualificationS


      • 2021 Prenatal Yoga Teacher & Mommy
      • 2021 Yoga Teacher RYT 500
      • 2020 Certified Fitness Instructor
      • 2019 Mindfullness Diploma
      • 2017 Yoga Teacher RYT 200
      • 2016 Education Educator
      • 2015 Project Manager
      • 2013 Business Manager Expertise 
      • 2012 Time Management Coach
      • 2010 Self Organisation Coach
      • 2007 Coaching & Communication Expertise
      • 2007- Today Retail Business Experience


      My Goals 2022:


      • Nutritonist
      • Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT)
      • Life Coaching 
      • Helping people get unstuck!





      Looking for a collab? Personal Training sessions or whatever? Drop me a message with your specific requests. Let’s connect!