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Morning GLOW

Proper hydration in the morning is important (esp. for people like me who don’t eat breakfast). It improves your energy, mood and productivity, prevents headaches.


It’s not about gobbling down water, more about a mix your body can absorb and release throughout the day.

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yoga raccoon morning drink


Fibers are essential, a roughage for your bowels

  • they clean your guts
  • help you loose weight
  • regulate digestion

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Collagen helps with so many things

  • hair
  • skin
  • nails 
  • joints

Many call it: the glue of the body



This drink binds all the acids cumulated throughout the day. Helps you get a better restorative sleep. Prevents indigestion and hang overs 🙂

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Every now and then a detox is crucial. Especially in January 🙂 With this 14-day program you liver and metabolism find more balance.

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